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Table Runners 120 Inches

A 120-inch table runner with a burlap fabric focus. This will be used to create a modern, outstanding table runner in natural color. The table runner is 18x120 inches, and will have a burlap fabric focus.

Discount Table Runners 120 Inches Online

This is a beautiful table runner made of a vintage tablecloth, with a gothic look. It is gold burgundy, and has beautiful floralscarves around its circumference. It is also having unique embroidered sitting area down the center.
this 120 inch table runner is perfect for special events. It is made of cotton grown in the usa and is designed to make a statement.
this is a great value for your table! The table runner is a thick, red, black, and white cotton twill fabric with a slightly higher level of bright colors than the black and golden table runners. It is perfect for a wide variety of sizes and lengths.